The perfect birth gift

Simply click "Present" during checkout, type your personal greeting card and send your love

  • Greeting card with personal text
  • Plain & white - because that makes babies shine
  • Appealing premium packaging
  • Delivery at date of choice
  • Shipped without enclosed bill

"A wonderful gift that gives joy every day."

You're looking for a natal present? Tom&Jenny bodysuits are the ideal gift to give to friends or relatives. Our baby bodysuits are wrapped in finest silk paper so that unwrapping them is an experience of its own.

You can choose between different boxes and sizes and have them sent home to your loved ones. If you fancy a more generous gift you can also choose from one of our subscription offers. In that case we will send a box with the new size to your loved ones every few months.

A gift that doesn't bring joy only once but again and again. It also saves parents the bothersome continous shopping of new baby bodysuits in the next sizes. By request you can also have a pesonalized greeting card added with some kind personal words. It goes without saying that we don't enclose a bill in the delivery.