Size 62

100% organic cotton in high quality Interlock knitting technique

In contrast to most conventional bodysuits (fine rib), our bodies are made of high-staple (long threads), Egyptian organic cotton in the higher quality Interlock knitting technique. This makes the fabric softer and more durable.

Kimono Design

In the first few months, babies do not have enough neck muscles to hold up their heads. That is why it is recommended not to pull bodysuits over their head. Our bodysuits are therefore in the smallest sizes exclusively available in kimono design.

Long and short sleeves

In this size, we offer both long- and short-sleeved bodysuits. From this size onwards babies are already better able to regulate their body heat. Therefore you can choose between short- and long-sleeved bodysuits depending on the temperature of the day.

Buttons for sub-buttoning

Since pushbuttons are more durable and much more practical to use than loops and because babies should be on their backs in the first few months (and therefore not on the button), we decided to use this solution.

Rounded leg opening

Our rounded leg opening improves the fit of the diaper and fixes it additionally.

Flat seams

In order to protect your baby's very sensitive skin especially during the first months, all our kimono bodysuits are made with high-quality flat seams. This makes them even more comfortable to wear and minimizes the risk of skin irritation.