Our Vision

With Tom&Jenny we want to ensure, that premium, sustainable and fairly produced baby bodysuits become the standard for everyone.

Alternativlos der beste Babybody

Our Values

We decided to only offer one, in our opinion perfect, baby bodysuit, tailored to a baby's needs in every size. To ensure this we worked closely with midwifes and we trust in their professional expertise and intuitive know-how. We are convinced, that for babies the best is just about good enough. That is why we produce our bodysuits organic and under fair conditions. We think it is important to openly disclose all our production details to our customers and only work with suppliers we know personally.

How it all started

Like all good ideas Tom&Jenny arose out of discontent. We were discontent with the compelxity of choice as well as high prices and bad quality of baby bodysuits. Somehow it seemed, that noone had ever really thought this through. Why else, to name just one example, would most bodysuits have an itchy label in the neck? The more we dwelled on the idea the more we were conviced, that we could do better. Soon we were four working day in day out to figure out how the perfect bodysuit would look like. We conducted interviews with over 100 midwifes and mothers, did surveys, drew sketches, sewed prototypes, looked for producers etc. The result was Tom&Jenny and we now can confidently say: We are finally content. And we hope you are too.

Die Malteser Flüchtlingshilfe leistet Unglaubliches, um Menschen, die ihre Heimat verlassen mussten und in Deutschland Zuflucht suchen, zu unterstützen. Wir wollen unseren kleinen Beitrag leisten, indem wir getragene Bodies, die an uns zurückgeschickt werden, an die Malteser Flüchtlingshilfe spenden.

Preloved Malteser

The quality of our bodysuits is so good that we came up with an idea how to reuse them. Once your babys outgrow their bodysuits you can send them back to us at our expense (within Germany), so we can wash and sort them and afterwards donate them to the Order of Malta refugee relief. For 25 years the Order of Malta in Germany operates at more than a 100 refugee locations - in the course of this they care for more than 25.000 people a day. With our partnership, Tom&Jenny wants to support families, who do not have the opportunity and means to be able to afford our quality.

Faire Arbeitsverhaeltnisse und Weiterbildungsmoeglichkeit

Our producer

Since 1997 our repeatedly awarded egyptian production partner SEKEM grows best organic, fair trade and sustainable cotton and knits and sews it directly on site. Besides best organic and process quality SEKEM mancged to build an outstanding humanitarian system. Not only does SEKEM provide fair working conditions and offers employees housing and extensive advanced training, but also supports their relatives with kindergardens, schools and health care. Threfore with their care towards nature and people SEKEM is the perfect production partner for us.

We do Baby Bodysuits - only Baby Bodysuits